Game Rules,

Games will be refereed according to FINA Official Rules  including the 2013-2017 amendments and local variations as below

All players please take not of the following new official FINA rules. They are explained in further detail on the FINA website here.

Please take not that it is now a major foul to:

WP 21.10 To use two hands to hold an opponent anywhere in the field of play. 
WP 21.11 Upon a change of possession, for a defending player to commit a foul on any 
player of the team in possession of the ball, anywhere in the attacking team’s half of the 
field of play. 
[Note. This Rule is to be applied if the team losing possession of the ball attempts to 
restrict the attack of the other team by committing a foul on any attacking player before 
that player has crossed the half-distance line.]

Local Game Rules.

FINA reference in bold

  • 1.4 Amendment: Distance between goals not to be less than 25m. 
  • 1.9 Section not applicable for IWP Competition
  • 3.3 / 3.4 Amendment: All games to be played using balls consistent with FINA Men’s Competition Requirements. 
  • 5.1 Amendment: No requirement for second dedicated goal keeper. Goal keepers may swap positions with any field position. 
  • 5.6 Amendment: Goal Keepers may only swap at the completion of each quarter. No swapping permitted during game time unless there is an injury or Goalkeeper excluded from the game (does not apply for misconduct/brutality)
  • 5.9 Amendment: Goal keepers may swap with any position provided this is not during game time.
  • 11.1 Amendment: The duration of the game shall be four periods each of five minutes actual play. Time shall commence at the start of each period when a player touches the ball.
  • There will be no stoppages during game play during competition matches.
  • Different durations and clock stoppages may apply for finals matches. 
  • 11.2 Amendment: There shall be a one minute break following the first and third quarters. There will be a two minute break following the second quarter. 
  • Different rest breaks may apply for finals matches, in line with longer quarter time.
  • 11.3 Amendment: There will be no penalty shootout for regular competition matches. Drawn matches will be scored in accordance with IWP.ADM.001. Penalty shootout will apply for finals matches
  • 12.1 Amendment: No timeout’s shall apply for regular competition matches Timeouts shall apply to finals matches.
  • 21 Unneccessary roughness may be called as a major foul, in consideration that there are players of different physical ability and skill.
  • 21 Disrespect towards referees, match or club officials will not be tolerated. This includes: questioning a referees decision during the game. Clarification of a rule may be asked by a team captain 30 mins after the game or in writing.
  •  WPAG 1 / 2 Amendment: Age groups for competition are 16 and up for both male and females.


Competition Rules and Code Of Conduct

Team captains, please read and understand the attached Code of Conduct.

In Particular Please note:

5.1.2 Assigned teams shall ensure there are at least four team representatives available to complete pool setup.

5.1.3 Duty teams must ensure all persons are available at least 15minutes prior to the start of play of the first scheduled competition game.

5.1.4 Any competition matches failing to start on time as the result of pool setup will result in loss of (3) competition points from the duty team.


6.1 Points awarded are - Win 3pts, Draw 2pts, Loss 1pt, Forfeit/Disqualification 0pt, Unnotified Forfeit -1pt. A score of 5:0 will be recorded against the forfeiting team.

Competition standings will be determined by

  1. Competition points
  2. Goal Difference
  3. Win Percentage
  4. Results between the teams (Competition points in games against each other, then goals for and against between these two teams)
  5. Number of Forfeits
  6. Flip of a Coin.

Acts of Misconduct and Brutality will be dealt with under the IWPI Constitution (attached).